Iceberg Competitive Esports (ICE) is Canada's visionary multi-game, multi-platform professional esports organization! Founded by Daniel Escott in August of 2017, ICE is taking a different approach to esports than most other organizations.

We understand the causes of concern in the industry, and we address them. Player burnout, mental health issues, inexperienced management, toxic communication; these are all issues that we are proactively addressing within our organization. Player burnout and mental health is our primary focus, promoting a healthy game-life balance and great flexibility to accommodate players’ needs. Our management team is incredibly well-rounded, with the knowledge and experience to foster a healthy and vibrant organizational culture. We want to set a new standard of player care in the industry. We understand that if we take care of our players, they will always do their best.

Our vision for this organization is for us to collectively build the esports scene in Canada, to give youth here the opportunity to get involved in esports without having to move outside of Canada. We have a wealth of talented and interested youth who, like us, have a passion for gaming and the ability to do something with it. Unfortunately, many of them cannot because leaving Canada is beyond their means or ability. That is why ICE was created, and it is why we are different. We didn't come together because we wanted to win any tournaments, we came together because we want to provide opportunities to the youth in our communities. If that means we can build some incredible teams along the way, fantastic! But winning is secondary to our vision, and our vision motivates us far beyond what money or any trophy could.